Border Un-Select: any news?

As I’ve recently found that the border un-select is not available anymore, anyone knows if it will be back sooner or later?

Start borderselect as usual, but use MMB instead of LMB to drag the region

If you’re interested in border select with the left mouse button, do the following:

  • Look for the existing Border Select key map, change it to Left Mouse Tweak and disable Extend
  • Copy & paste ‘view3d.select_border’ into a newly created key map, change it to Shift + Left Mouse Tweak and keep Extend enabled
  • Set the 3D Cursor to Click, for it not to work during border select

So much better IMO

Nice solution.

Btw, it seems impossible to unselect with left mouse border selection. How can I unselect with left mouse button? I tried to change Gesture Border configuration but didn’t work for me.

Awhile back i suggested a “Deselect” option next to “Extend”, but nothing was done about it. Lasso select has this functionality, but there’s another problem - it’s messed up because it always assumes Extend as true, there is no way of disabling it so it can make a “new” selection like with border select.

It just shows how in the old versions nobody really paid enough attention to those two tools (lasso and border) and now their options are still inconsistent with eachother.

It’s times like these I wish i knew C!

This can’t be a hard thing, I just guess its not irritating enough to fix!

it’s almost a bug, as inconsistent design… but sadly too close to a feature request…

Well, MMB sounds just as a different shortcut and that’s fine for me. Dunno why they changed it though, but at least there’s an alternative and it works. Thanks for the hint Aligorith.

@ Sago: is not clear to me the step 2 but for now I’m fine with the MMB

For anyone interested, check out the old Bug Report about it, which is now closed. Feel free to nag there :wink:

It’s not a showstopper for me, since selective-deselecting usually requires a more fine control, as in lasso instead of box. But it would be nice to have those two tools nice and consistent, and i doubt it’s much of a hassle to correct it.

I’ve found the code which makes Lasso tool de-selectable.

The code is located here:

This is the RNA Boolean set:

RNA_boolean_set(WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, “VIEW3D_OT_select_lasso”, EVT_TWEAK_A, KM_ANY, KM_SHIFT|KM_CTRL, 0)->ptr, “deselect”, 1);

Adding “ptr, “deselect”, 1” option to border selection may work. Or not?!

Someone interested in this situation, please help! :cool:

It isn’t that simple, that line just defines the default RNA property fields for the operator’s keymap :stuck_out_tongue:

You first need to add such a deselect routine to the border select operator and then add an RNA property for it. Then make sure it doesn’t interfere with anything else - for example having both extend and deselect enabled at once should not be possible. Thats why you have to make it either assume either one or the other when both are selected, or give out an error. Etc. etc.

We just have to get an actual dev, or someone familiar with the code to spend 15 minutes on this.

This is absolutely true. :yes:

The problems I see:

B-key+shift = zoom border
B-key+alt = clip border

To make the two select operators have the same behavior would require remapping an op (maybe zoom border to B+ctrl) or making the lasso tool do the MMB de-select thing.

True. However, the default keymap doesn’t really need to be changed. Old timey Blender users are used to the old way. It’s mostly for us people from other software who rely heavily on box-selection, and who will end up switching the keymaps around anyway.

Also, Ctrl+B, Ctrl+Alt+B and Ctrl+Shift+B seem free to me. In fact, Ctrl+Shift is what Lasso select uses for subtracting from a selection.