Borderlands Cell Shading Effect?

I’m working on a film with my friend and I was wondering if it’s possible to create the Borderlands cel-shading effect in Adobe After Effects, using live footage.

I’ve played around with the cartoon filter a bit, but it’s not quite what I’m looking for at this point. Could anyone share some pointers?

I’ve never used after effects, but here’s a thread on how they did their art. It’s basically just edge detection on a bump/diffuse shader. Most of the effect they get is due to the textures.

I realize it won’t be able to be perfect because they had models so edge detection is a lot more accurate than look at 2D footage.

But in theory is it possible to simulate? Also does anyone know of a decent After Effects forum where I may post this question?

Post your question on VideoCopilot, or search their forum.

There is a plug-in called ToonIt as well for After Effects.