Borders and Arrays

I would just like to ask a quick question.
I have a glass panel that has a constant boarder thickness of say 0.2.
All I want to do is repeat the object using an Array so I can tile my glass panels. However I don’t want the border to double in size with two panels next to each other. I understand how to do this using the array modifier but when I render I get nasty bits where the boarders overlap. Is there a way to get round this either by changing the model or something else?

Hope my question is clear, thanks for the help.


Just remove the borders on 2 sides of the tile.
Here, like the bottom 1/2 of this image:


Yes, I had thought of that, but this ends up with me having to make the last edges by hand.
The reason I don’t want to do this is because (I’m uber lazy), no I mean because there are loads of panels in a complex patterns.
Thanks for the reply though,


Possibly remove the inside borders and use a combination of array and mirror modifier to not have to model the last edges by hand. Depends on the pattern your trying to achieve I imagine.

Well, thanks for all the help, I guess there is no easy way / only one way to go about this!
I ended up modeling the top ‘by hand’ but I needed to do this for another object on top of that so its sorted!
The only other question I have now is how do you apply a subsurf to only 1 mesh in your object if you have more than one. If its not possible how to ‘group’ items to stay together all the time EVEN when you using an array modifier or duplicate the object.

Thanks for the help,

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