Boreal Forest

I have made a boreal forest in blender please write how can I make make it more realistic
Rendered in Cycles


More variation in the trees, and a better scatter would be a good first start. The repeating patterns almost immediately distract from everything else in the scene.


To add to what @Renzatic said, I suggest:

  • Make a shader that varies the colour slightly using the Object Info node (Random pin) (unless it’s hair? in which case add a Noise node and use that for the colour)
  • Give a random rotation to each tree, this will make the trees look different and break the pattern.
  • Give a slight random lean to each tree, only a few degrees.

I can’t think what the equivalent would be with hair, but there are various random settings in there you can play with.




Also some slight mist would add depth, image search ‘jungle mist’ for lots of examples, though it can be a lot subtler. A river down the gap to the right could be cool, especially if you get a light spray coming up from it.


Thank you for the ideas I will implement the ideas

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New Boreal Forest in Autumn