bored? modeler needed

I am looking for somebody to make me a model of an Inspiron 8100. I am going to need it for one of my projects, and you would recive full credit for your efforts.

It would need to be modeled, in high-detail, by about October 15th or so.

Reference pictures are here:

Would somebody be so kind as to tackle this project? I don’t think I am going to have enough time to do it in good quality.

sounds interesting… i could try to do it but i don’t want you to be depending solely on me since i have a tendency to get bored with my projects after a bit and my work isn’t all that amazing anyways. but yeah, i’ll try it

sure, go ahead.

Keep me posted on your progress! My e-mail is [email protected], send any updates there.

come on, with that awesome car you should be able to do this! :smiley:

I CAN do the work, I just don’t have any time :frowning:

This is part of a fairly elaborate project.

Anybody else care to give it a try?

mind if i give it a shot. Not promising anything

edit: this is harder then i thought :-?

edit again: ok this is really hard i don’t think i can get it done by the 15th but ill try

may be would have given a try…but october 15th is a very tough deadline. traditional festivals are knoking at the door here in india(just a week later)and i won’t be at home for 5-6 noooooo…from me.good luck.

maby then by the 18th? Somebody…hopefully.

I hope I don’t have to whip one up and have it look crappy. :frowning:

There are actually 2 parts to this project, one that will require most of the room to be modeled, textured, and lighted. I am working hard on getting this one. This does not really require much “stuff” to make it work. The 2nd part of the project is an animation of sorts, this portion will need to have most of the “stuff” in the room to make it work. This one needs to be done around the end of October.

The 2nd part will need to be done around the middle of Novemeber. Maby somebody can make the Dell by then…maby by the end of October?