Is any bored here then if you are…try roleplay on the computer its fun and its like creating a story of your own but with another person…try it out…example i walk around looking at the trees when suddenly i was attacked by a unknown monster ok that might be abit gay but try it out sometime…i’ll be willing to help you understand

LOL …that would be hazardously boring .

why not play gayms ? a console or super computer.

Your sig. has said before you love Master Chief practically as if he is your own brother, why not get the new Halo expansion pack and stuff and play single and multiplayer on it if you like the game so much?

For something for me to do I may have to buy Tropico 3 when it comes out, it looks more promising than many other games involving the building of cities recently.

no seriously, let’s do text roleplaying, it’s really really fun. i’m in. let’s start a thread named that though, not use this one.

Option 1: :eyebrowlift: do blender
Option 2: :yes: :spin: :yes: invite some friends or get some
Option 3: :rolleyes: get a life (can be applied to all options)

Anyway, do something else then starting this lame forum game (is not very efficient by the way, cuz most of the time you’re pressing the refresh button to see if there’s a new post, so you’re still bored).

Moderators, I think it’s a good idea to create a forum-game subforum, so the guys who want to play them can find them more easely and the guys who don’t want to won’t be annoyed by all this junk in the off-topic section. :confused:

BTW, sorry for the huge amount of smileys, I just couldn’t resist :stuck_out_tongue:

Quoted for truth.
Your very signature looks like it suffers from ADD.