When boredom strikes :spin:

Done using Paint Tool Sai
Check it out on Deviantart

The expression is actually pretty good.

He looks a little bit malnourished, not completely sure what, but something’s wrong with him, I believe. He looks off. Still, it looks good, better than anything I’d be able to make. Did you follow some tutorials or do you have formal training?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Thank you for pointing out about his body proportions. I will make sure i get that right first next time I attempt a character drawing. And no, I did not follow any tutorials. I’m self taught :slight_smile: (Which is probably why the drawing is bad :stuck_out_tongue: )

Nice work Yousuf, I particularly like the perspective work on the bench, that looks really good and the halo effects are cool.

One constructive comment: your shadows don’t quite look in line with your light-source. To me they could do with stretching off more to the left judging by where your sun-light seems to be coming from.

Also your body proportions look fine to me - about right for a slim teenager.

Thank you so much! The perspective on the bench is as it is because I first made a 3D model of it in blender. Later I traced it in sai, so the perspective could not go wrong. And now that you mention it, the shadows do look off. Thanks again, I needed this kind of a comment!

No problem my friend, I love this kind of 3D + 2D workflow, I’ve tried some of it myself in the past - it’s really good fun :slight_smile: