boring cube, but in a different setting!

one day i was messing around in a project and accidentally figured out a way to make a cool ipod commercial-like effect (all i did was forgot to add a light :p). I told myself one day i would actually make a scene with it, not much, but here it is:

yeah, i could have gotten more elaborate than a simple cube, but think of it as a tribute to all the people who get heck about making spheres and cubes.
comments appreciated

I think this has potential… But for some reason it looks like it’s in the game engine! :stuck_out_tongue: I think it’s because the colors are very… monotonish. Nothing is multiple shades: The cord is all white, the iPod is only 3 shades, etc.

Just work on the texturing.

so i guess some people might not have seen the commercials, i just assumed everybody knew about it. Here are some shots and info about the commercials for those who might not have seen them:


looks good.

shows the ipod ad style pretty well, I think. maybe a little more detail would be desired, or maybe not.


nice… so… where’s suzanne with an ipod?? :slight_smile: