Boris Karloff_ Frankenstein


Blender Cycles

Very nice looking model!

Very good likeness so far, can’t wait to see proper texturing!

Really nice model, awesome modeling and likeness.
Keep up the good work

Nice work filou.rod. This is a pretty common misconception but Frankenstein is actually the Doctor’s name, Victor Frankenstein, I don’t think his monster actually had a name, none was mentioned in the book. It was a delibrate omission on the Author’s part to dehumanise the creature further.

I can’t wait to see this finished so much potential. Are you retopoing a finished sculpt? About the only crit I can give is that his brow seems heavier on photos so you might want to push back his eyes into his skull a bit more
I love seeing work of this level really inspiring

Nice work.
TM, Everyone calls the monster Frankenstein though. When I put on my hat and scare the little childrens, they all yellz “Frankenstein!”

I would love to see it growing every day instead just looking to the final mesh. More instructive that way I think it would be.
Looking absolutely great. But it seems the neck is too strong, like a bodybuilder. I think Frankenstein didn’t have such a strong neck.

Bao2, you’ re right.
I made some corrections, thanks.
Maybe his neck is still too strong.
hair added.
Forehead modified,

Great work! nice topology.

This is an old thread, i will not update it regularly. I am working on many other projects.
quick render, simple materials; lighted with a spot lamp.
I will try to sculpt the head with dyntopo(still searching for the good proportions of the head).