Boris Karloff Frankenstein

Hey everyone,

Long time reader of the forum. This my first post. A dynotopo sculpt of Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein. Roughly eight hours of work so far.

I plan on retopoing the mesh before I add the finer details like wrinkles and scars. I’d like to finish him out with hair and a body as well.

Any thoughts or critiques are welcome. :slight_smile:


Current version:

looks great man. good likeness.

a good start for portrait. some issues: headshape is wrong, top needs be more boxy, chin wider, jaw stronger. brow area is good, eyes too, nose needs work on the wings, area under mouth is wrong (needs look like a shelf), ears look good… good start, work these large scale issues first before going into detail, otherwise you would hate to redo a part you spend lots of time detailing in.

Thanks for the fresh eyes, Doris. I definitely agree with what you see. You do say however that the area under the mouth needs to look like a shelf. Could you clarify what area you’re referring to?

Thanks again for the critique. Your work on BA is one of the reasons I decided to try sculpting. :slight_smile:

Thanks Modron!

Did some more work tonight. Adjusted the head shape to reflect the make-up appliance that’s on the top of the head. Widened the chin and strengthened the jaw. Worked on the nostrils a bit. Tweaked the skin shader and added some textured eyes.

this is great to hear :slight_smile:

the likeness is much better now, actually quite strong :slight_smile: good work! shelf still needs corrected…

the shelf i mean, is directly under the lower lips, the lower lips sit on that… here a crop from your latest render showing the region i mean, and two of my sculpted examples showing how it should look. of course, each shelf looks a little different depending on the person, so you need check how karloff had his, but the general form needs look like in my two examples…

Ah, I see what you mean now. I kept looking at my reference images last night to see Boris’s shelf, but I couldn’t seem to find it. It always looks like the whole bottom lip juts out flat. I’ll try to play around with it some more when I get a chance …

Updates. Last night I started working on getting the anatomy a little more solid. I had my references closed and was just focusing on muscles and bones and I lost my likeness.

But after some reworking and checking my proportions again, I was able to pull him back (thanks, Dynatopo) and I think the likeness is stronger than ever. Adjusted the lighting and camera again to try and match a photo. The light still needs work.

wonderful, yes likeness is stronger than ever, true!.. indent under the cheekbone is stronger than in original,but might be purpose for your intention… the “shelf of him”, here are 2 reference images that show it clearly

hope this helps, your progress is great!!

Thanks for the reference Doris! I definitely see it now, not sure how I missed it before.

Did some more work, this time trying to get all the plane changes correct. Lost the likeness again, spent some more time pulling it back in, and I think the likeness is stronger for it.

Also, put some work in on the expression in my reference. He kinda has his bottom lip sucked in.