Born of Frustration

“The riggers Nightmare”


Niice work, but IMO it’s unclear, confused. Or it is just an abstract art. Colour is fine and modelling is good… but I dont understand the bars/lines.

sepikkä: You’ll understand when you’re older ^_~

This is called turning absolute failure into success.

abstract by design.
a tortured alien? an evil scarecrow?

spot on.
you reply made me laugh.
turning failure into objective failure?

Great work Meta!

Wow, very nice.

how do you model this Nightmare.

Hey, thanks all.:smiley:
To answer some questions.

In frustration that the wrong rig would not auto bone weight paint heat thing properly,
I turned the whole rig Upside Down in pose mode.
The lines are the result of the incorrect weight painted vertices.
I played with this using the armature to deform the mesh very little.
the result was as you see, just about right away.
To add textures & light this scene was very different.
Hours of tweaking minor settings, just to get the right look & feel.
Frustrated, Tortured, Alien & Alienated.
All things that that I wanted the final image to portray.
At least 10, 4 hour test renders! Endless tweaking.
I kid you not.

You can see most of the material/render settings above.

btw that interface is real:p

Looks like some bones messed up…

That is a hilarious amount of work for a screwed up rig:D