Born To Be Wild


I’d like to show you my recent finished project (actually it’s a very first one :o) called “Born To Be Wild”. Modelled in Blender 2.49b, render Yafray 0.1.1, post-processing Inkscape and GIMP. In attachment are some renders.

I’m really interested on improving my skills, so the all kind of feedback is welcome.


i like the look of the bike… i dont think the mannequin fits the scene very well though…
for a first project its great!

Thanks for comment!
What do you mean under “mannequin does not fit the scene”? Style or location?
I agree, on the second picture the mannequin looks like it flyes (or better to say “hovers”) over the bike… I suppose it’s a problem of light and camera setup.

i think more style… its mostly taste though… when i see a mannequin i think of stiff and posh… business man kind off…

uhm, maybe it’s a translation error, but the one in the picture is a drawing aid, not a mannequin for hanging clothes on in shops. Drawing aid because it can be made to take a lot of postures, don’t really get the stiff/posh relation to a drawing aid tho, I think it looks pretty nice, it fits in scale, and both being things that might be found around a child’s room

I think another reason why the mannequin doesn’t quite fit is because it is wood, and the bike is all metal, and they are clashing in a bad way imo

the pose is fine, and wood goes fine with metal.
the problem is in the lighting and materials.
the metal is superb, but the wood is lacking.
first, brighten up the lighting a bit, then work on the wood material/texture.
in general, these wood mannequins are made out of maple, which is light and yellow, instead of dark and gray, and they have a much less noticeable grain.

also, some postprocessing would help with the overall interest of the image.

Awesome piece of work! Simple but great! I would say you need to crank up the exposure a little bit, and maybe make the spec a little sharper on the metal.


Thanks everybody, i did not expect so much comments!

Perhaps a little bit of explanation to my project. My idea was to show that everything has another side. The mannequin is not free and stiff but it also has dreams, day it has to do what the people want, night it is a wild biker. Sure it’s not true, so the bike is also a toy.
My intention was to create a studio shot with black background and nice spot light, also i wanted to get a nice outline of the mannequin like it lighted from behind.

natholas: yes, the mannequin should be polished, otherwise it does not reflect and so is not seen well in such a environment. Actually i’m surprised that you associate this mannequin with a business man. Perhaps it’s a idea for another project, who knows…

Biglines: thank you for comment, your idea about child’s room is also surprise for me. I did not meant it all, but it’s interesting to see, how different can the other people see the same picture. Actually i did not consider how the mannequin can get a bike, i just put them together. But you did consider and i think it’s great!

Brados33: perhaps you are right, but there is no wooden bike mannequin at all :). Besides, it was my intention to get two contrast things like wood and metal. If i replace this metal bike with a wooden one i will get some other ambiance, more warm and domestic. And i’d like to show a cool man, real cool man :RocknRoll:

spacetug: thank you! Believe me, i already brighten up the textures. The reason why they are dark is a yafaray material, it is glossy and darkens the textures a lot. If i render my mannequin separately in BI it is quite light. Perhaps i have to give a chance to BI to render the whole scene… BTW, the drawing mannequins are made not only from maple especially in Germany, where i live. We have not so much maples, we make it usually from beech :). And the beech is actually more red than yellow. But you are right, perhaps the light one mannequin will look better. Honestly, i had two versions the maple one and the beech one and my wife choose the beech one :D. What kind of post-processing did you mean?

Keith M: you are absolutely right, the metal should be better, particularly it should be more rough. I see it clearly now, but it’s too late, i’m not going to change something, because of a nasty bug in Blender 2.49b, that makes it crash each time, when i render my scene in yafaray. I already rebuild my scene and libraries (mannequin and bike) three times (!) but it does not help. So i have to export the whole scene and render it externally, it costs a lot of time, so i dropped it.

Overall, i’m really pleased with comments and suggestions, because they are the right way to improvements. It is always good to get to know what the other peoples think about your art. Thank you!