Borrett Custom Car

Hi all,

did a quick sketch in my communications class yesterday for my new hotrod, it’ll be a slow project but hopefully you can enjoy the progress :smiley:

did a little paint over, and fixed some horrible perspective issues…

I love the concept. It looks like a Boyd Coddington. I look forward to watching it come together.

bah, hotrods are lame. dead end street, that one.

scrapped that idea, roughed out a new one:

against my better judgement, i’ve just dived in and started roughing out some of the details in 3d…

Hey, thats a nice start man,
did you create anymore references ? or you are modeling with somethings straight from your mind ?
I guess painting it out on paper always help before you start modeling something concrete.
btw the hotrod was pretty simple

Looking forward to more stuff …

just tweaking to get a shape i am happy with:
And a wee quick paint over to help maintain some foresight :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey man. Awesome drawing skills. I also like your modelling!

nice, im loving it allready, esp. that paint over :]

fiddled a little more, im trying to bring some more modern elements into the design…

I also started some interior:

really nice start.
i like the hot road too.

why not post some of your ‘quick drawovers’ on the ‘original art’ section? as said, awsome skills man!

The hotrod looks mint mate & I think the new one looks like a Mustang.

Cool works as always Mr Borrett, looking forward to this one progressing.


not really happy with where im going with this, so i’m going to quit before i get too stuck in and go back to the drawing board and get my concept nailed this time.

so, here is where i got to before i decided to stop;

and the IRC boys requested my material settings, you might maybe find it handy;

its only a start, my final material will be a bit better.

sonix, im calling you out. i’m doing my best to beat your maxwell (should i say… maxUNwell?.. probably not… ) material. hopefully i can achieve what you have, if not better :smiley:

That is the best car shader mat I have seen dude. Seriously wicked shader work in Blender.

The car is starting to look like a mix between a Mustang and Charger. Not a bad thing, but it is a little recognizable and you may want to tweak that out of it a bit.


Nice update mate. 8)

The paint’s great too.

Have you tried a stencil texture with an inverted copy below to control the raymir for the flakes?

This should be possible with the new node system and will bring the flakes to life. :wink: Check my thread for the principles involved in the layers & stencils, if you need to.

Cool job.


okie dokie

done a little fiddling here, a little fiddling there, this is the new concept stuff so far. I’ve started modelling the front, but first i want to get all my geometry sorted…


Can’t wait to see the final version. Keep up the good work

love your sketches…will be another perfect/greatly impressive/superb…concept car :wink:
really looking forward for another update