Boss SD-1

Hey. It’s a work in progress of a SD-1. It’s getting close enough to being done that I am curious about getting critiques about it.

Some of the writing is pretty thick, and it’s way too clean for now.

Any suggestions ? thanks.


I clicked on this the moment I saw a Boss pedal (though personally I prefer distortion). I think that your own critiques are the only problems with it. The text on the button does look like it’s a little high, but that may just be the lighting, and it does look rather clean. But overall it looks just like the SD1!

Well, my eyes would readily accept that I am looking at a photograph of a real device. Nicely done.

@Phil3: Always have trouble setting up the lighting to be subtle when working with real scale and small objects. Below is a close up of two test of text:

Left is the original, it’s a text object with shrinkwrap (0.1mm offset) and solidifier (0.1mm thickness).
Right is a text object too but with only shrinkwrap(0.01mm offset).
I think the second one looks more correct geometry wise. At such a close up though, the material falls apart.

@sundialsvc4: Thank you !

I like the one on the right as well. Either way that’s a tiny gripe. It may not even be worth worrying about as I would have never noticed if you hadn’t pointed it out!

Had some trouble with it:
Cycle rendered it correctly:

But Eevee did not:

Eevee have troubles if the shrinkwarp offset is too small.