Boss Ship

heres the ship for important people on my game… its finished, but feel free to crit. made a while ago for a WC, added wings and textured it this morning. practising my texturing, and i’m pretty happy with it. Blender is getting really good now. 2.33 is very nice :D.

TOP VIEW ----------

Looks pretty good. Im not sure I understand all the functions for the gadgets and stuff around the guns but looks pretty good.

The only thing that really catches my eye is the green texture on the turrets. Perhaps make it have similar grime to the rest of the ship instead of looking like green water almost.

Good looking image overall.

Needs new camera angles. Looks like good modeling, but we really can’t see it.

More camera angles.

Good work. Looks kind of chunky and low poly but I suppose if it is for a game it has to be.