Bot 0402 in the Moon

[SUP]First of all sorry for my english, comrades.[/SUP]:o

Bot 0402 reads a book in silence :slight_smile:

Rendered in Cycles, 800 samples. (5 hours on CPU :frowning: )
Compositing in Photoshop.

So. It’s my personal work. I’ve made this robot just for fun, but then I thought to use it for artwork. I thought it is fun if he will read book while sit on the soft armchair. Then came the idea: “Maybe in the Moon? … Why not?”. So I dropped him on the Moon. I see many problems. Moon surface looks not realistic. The plaid is bad. Robot’s texture isn’t good. Lamp without wire. There is no footsteps on the surface and etc.


Also robot model on Sketchfab.

And thanks 19seanak19 for wood material, which I use for the table and the lamp.

Cool Idea! you have done a nice job grunging up the Bot

@ComradeCG really nice concept and rend! I love it :slight_smile: Keep going

I absolutely love this! Like you said there are things that you could do to bring this up a few notches, but the idea is really great! BTW, what is the book he is reading?

Thanks, @Xraygunner.

BTW, what is the book he is reading?

He reads book
“Влияние качества советских межпланетных кораблей на становление Дарта Вейдера”
“Influence the quality of the Soviet space ships on the formation of Darth Vader”


Excellent artwork! The composition and colors look very good, and I it’s funny and original! Congratulations :smiley:

Verry storytelling scene. Good job

Good job! Love the colors and lighting of the scene.

@Xraygunner[[URL="/u/Ride_the_flow Ride the flow](/u/harleynut97
Thanks, guys. :slight_smile:

Thanks, @jjjuho!
Colors and lighting was my main purpose. I wanted to create the feeling of heat and comfort via light of old lamp against blue cold light on the Moon.

Good job, i like very much the robot and his textures. Congrats.