Bot factory, head manufacturing

Hi! I’m pretty new to blender and rendering (two weeks, lol) and partially moved from Modo (i can’t just leave without rounded edge shader)

After getting used to it for a week i met my 4-year old sketch and wanted to do it in 3D :smiley:
So here it is :smiley:

It wouldn’t be possible to create that project without amazing DecalMachine and HardOps, as they and their supportive authors pushed me to learn blender :smiley:

Big thanks to Gleb Alexandrov for tutorials about lighting and post-processing :3

New to Blender, but not so much to 3d I guess? ^^ … Looks great. Very cool design.

Thanks ^-^

Yeaa, it was some time with Zbrush, Coat and Modo :smiley:
But programming job takes a lot of time tho :C

So much to like about this.

Thanks ^ω^

Added new render to first post, but there is a limit of 3 pictures in one post :frowning:
So here is the 3rd new one c:

Yeah, that top down view is a good angle for this.

DECALmachine represent.


very nice. I like the shapes present.

Nice work. Lot’s of detail, It’s got that recognizable hard-ops look.