Bot rig

David ( created a very nice Character Rig (Simple Bot Rig 1.0.0) for XSI users. By an impression of the look I decided to make a blender version of that rig. Hope you guys enjoy. If you guys use it, just make sure that you give a credit.


Happy Animating!!! :evilgrin:

Soumitra Saha

Interesting rig. Don’t think I’ll use it to animate, but doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy learning a few things and applying it to my models!

Pretty nice.

I like the foot rig but trying to figure out how it works with all the bones named Bone.001, Bone.001_R, Bone.001_L, Bone.002, Bone.002_R, Bone.002_L etc… just gives me a headache.


I have noticed this nice bot already at (original XSI rig).
This rig is realy cool. I like it very much. Clear and intuitive. Foot setup is really inovative. Great work bubai! It will be fun to animate him :slight_smile:

Thanks JiriH.