Bot Update - May 8/02

(BgDM) #1

UPDATE MAY 8/02 - See Post at Bottom

Hey gang. Been working on my bot a little more and thought I would let you see the progress so far.

Added a chestplate and working on the hands.

Give me the blast of crits. :smiley:


(jorx) #2

Cool Bot!
I’d suggest a little more detail in the flat par of his hand. Is that the backside or the palm? You get what I mean.
Nice work! I’d love to see that chrome again, on the rest of the body…

(S68) #3


Very cool model.

Yes, jorx is right… hand is too flat, you cannot tell up and down…


(BgDM) #4

Thanks guys.

Hand is very early stages. I know what you mean though. Does seem flat. Will be adding more to it, so should correct this. Hands are a pain in the ass to model. This is my first time doing somewhat of a “real” model. I didn’t think going into it, they would be so difficult. But man, what a pain.

As far as more chrome, not for now. Got to get the model done before I even get anywhere near doing any texturing. I think I will add an environment to this as well.

Speaking of that, (question just popped into my head). Can I combine 2 blend files in the sequence editor to make the environment in a seperate .blend and the bot in another? Or do you just make 2 scenes within the one blend and combine?


(blengine) #5

its really coming out great man!. hands are a pain in the ass to model!!! your models looking amazing, the torso is great, and i still love the head gear alot

(slikdigit) #6

Nice work so far.
Some have criticized the hands for flatness- I guess its in the early stages and will get more detail. The body two has some flat portions. All in all good. One suggestion: so far in the body you are suggesting anatomical masses with large block shapes. It would be cool if you did more than suggest, following the form and function in discreet metal parts. The hand could have some bones in it, for instance, or more rib/tendon action connecting up the chest/arms.

(sten) #7

nice bot :smiley:


(BgDM) #8

iamgrandpaboy: Thanks for the comments. Hands are more than a pain in the ass. They are a frickin nightmare :wink: Hey, can I use that reflect image you had posted? Since you removed the link, I assume you don’t want it getting around.

bassaminator: The hands will get more detail, correct. As far as the block masses in the body, that is about all there will be. Outside of the legs, (as far as what I have in mind). I agree with adding smaller finite details like tendon-like elements, etc. That will definitely be incorporated.

I just hope my machine can handle the load by the time I get near the end of this. :-?


(digitalSlav) #9

great, it’s really starting to look beefy now! taking on a presence. don’t care for the chest plates very much though maybe a little too flat or just that horizontal crease in them…

(stephen2002) #10

the chest/hands need more detail in order to match the head. Don’t let yourself fall into the “been working on this too long and just want it done!” hole. The you have a detailed top and a bla bottom.

It is way too easy to do this :smiley:

(BgDM) #11

stephen2002: I know what you mean. Don’t worry. I am gonna take my time with this one and make sure there is enough detail Just roughing things out for now.


(Bapsis) #12

Hey man,
Thats lookin’ super sweet, i can definatly imagine a finished copy all chromed up nice like you’ve done on the head peice. Keep up the good work 'cause i really want to see it when its done!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(BgDM) #13

Hey gang. Thanks for the comments thus far. Mucho appreciado! (God that was an awful attemtp at Spanish).

Anyhoo… Got some time to do a little bit of an update for this today, (what little time I do get). Added the shoulder section and some minor details to the mid body. Still more to come.

Edit: Also, based on a discussion with SKPjason on BlenderChat, the powerplant thing in the abdomen section has been added. Thanks for the input jason :smiley: . (No he will not have a flame throwing cock gun - inside joke for SKPjason).


(sten) #14

cool modeled…and nice lightcolors…I guess you use SubSurf…very nice such work…would be great to see it finished…will it get Silverish finish ?