Bot & Wires

I havn’t worked on materials yet, I have just started on the modeling. I like it, I think its going to turn out well :smiley: C&C is very welcome! leave a message :wink:

Note: I should finish the watch box I was working on :-/ lol

What kind of robot is it? I asume this is a robot

What do you mean what kind? I didn’t know that there were certain types of robots…elaborate…

Update :smiley: Im starting on the scene. Im going to add more wires and either add more details the the head/helmet, or change it to something completely different. I just discovered how to use the knife tool, im excited, lol. Learn something new every day :slight_smile:

Ok I added some enviroment. I havn’t worked on any materials besides the fluid and all I did was add a texture and some ray settings :-/ I still have to add alot of detail to everything in this scene :smiley: Here are the updates:

Veiw of the pump:

Side Veiw:

Comments are greatly appreciated :smiley:

What is it do. What is the purpose of this thing. Thats what I mean

try autosmoothing. Right now, nothing has any sharp edges. It kinda takes away from the whole ‘robot and machine’ look.

nice work for far tho.

Well…right now it just sets there…and hovers…lol. Im not sure of its purpose yet, besides being a robot. I guess we will say that its a security precaution. Thankyou for your coments :smiley: