Botaniq - can it be installed in external hard drive?

hey guys, can botaniq be installed in an external hard drive? or do you need to install it in drive C(default blender folder)?

IDK why you want this, but anyway try Blender Preferences → File Paths → Data → Scripts .

I guess you dont mean the script itself, you mean the assets.
Maybe there is a setting in the preferences of the addon.

Hi Peter,

Yes, Botaniq has a feature where it lets you move the “Install” from within the Addon preferences. This will move all data files over to a new destination. This is what I have done to save room on my system drive and haven’t had any issues. Unsure though if it’s wise to move it to a removable drive. If you never unplug it (especially while using Blender) it should be ok. Also, unsure what would happen if you tried running Blender/Botaniq while the drive was unplugged. Could be a bottleneck also depending on your connection type/drive speed. Perhaps try it out and report back on how well it works. Might help others in the process.


Cheers and stay safe!