bottle & glass

this is my first finished blend im still an uber noob i hope every one likes it


Not bad for first renders :slight_smile:
Although the shapes need a reflex. Add a lightsource or a meshlight (an object that emits light) like a wall to the left side of the view, make it less bright than the main lightsource and also you may want to give a little warmth to it (make the emitted light’s color slightly orange-brown-goldish). That may bring up the important semitones.
Also your scene as I see it is green on green surrounded by black. Make it more interesting by changing the floor(plane)'s color and material. For example some dark red velvety color and a matte material. Also I’d throw in an apple or an orange or another bright colored object to contrast to the cool and lifeless glass.
Hope I didn’t sound nerdy with my still life principles.
Good luck learning to master a great tool that Blender is :wink:
P.S.: To see if your scene is lit properly and has all the whites, grays and blacks - make the image black and white it’ll be a lot easier to evaluate it.
P.P.S: I suggest you also download and start learning to use Yafaray and Luxrender external renderers.