Bottle of gin

Small project I’m working on, mainly just to get back to blender.

I’m aware that the scene is completely empty, but I’m taking it one step at a time. I’d like advice on the bottle cap shader, but I’m just looking for criticism. Thanks for your time!

Bottle of Tanqueray gin.

Here’s an update. Started messing around with the exposure and the film options. Any comments?

Its looking really good, but probably too perfect. What i found out when looking at glass is that there are always little imperfections in it causing distortions in the refraction.
Also the bottle looks empty but I guess you just havent’t done that yet :wink:


I did make a lot of slight deformations on the inside of the bottle, but not on the outside. About the bottle being empty, I couldn’t find a way to put any liquid in it, in a way that didn’t look bad.

Take a look at andrew prices tutorial on how to make a beer glass on

He explains really well how you can do that :wink:

about the deformations: i wouldn’t use geometry for that but a slight bumb/normal map on the glass shader