Bottle of Jack

Modeled in Blender 2.45 and rendered with Indigo 0.09 test 7.
Not perfect, but it was a great learning exercise for someone relatively new to 3d art. I realize that there is much room for improvement, but I am basically sick of looking at it - time to move on to something new.

Veeeery nive, looks like it could be a promotional photo for the drink.

I cant put my finger on why it doesn’t look quite real, maybe it needs a touch of DOF.

:smiley: i think the only thing making the pic unphotorealistic is the text on the bottle label it looks blurry like my monitor has some sort of visual imparment lol just a little crit honest i love the work it looks astounding cant wait till i can produce images of this standard

Pretty nice! Good studio lighting… modeling’s good, same with materials…:yes:
It seems like what’s stopping this from being top notch is the rendering. If it was blender internal, I’d say render it again with the mitch filter for a sharper look…
But I’m guessing it took forever to render with indigo, so go for post-pro.
I hope you don’t mind this little suggestion:

This is what I did:

  1. Sharpen the image.
  2. Render lighting effect.
  3. Auto levels.

Most of that stuff is pretty much optional, but sharpening it had a definite positive effect.

EDIT: Just read you want to move on to something new… in that case I strongly suggest coming back to this in the future!

The whiskey should be more clear. As far as I remember (don’t have a whiskey here at the moment :wink: ) you can see through whiskey.

Looks great to me!!
The all seeing… all powerful… the fantastic Indigo Renderer :eek: :eek: :eek:

If you could post your Blender file so we could see how you did it would be nice. If not… that’s understandable.

Great Render! :yes:

Very Nice glass shading. It looks real.

It doesn’t look like you’ve taken enough whiskey from that bottle to fill that glass. Nice image, though. I think it would look good in your portfolio.

My crit would be that the glas look to soft and that the whiskey is murky and not clear. That might be the light spooking around though.

Otherwise it is a rather good execution, but you score zero points in creativity for this concept.

What he really means is…second bottle of Jack

right… lying on it’s side in a puddle of spilled whiskey.:evilgrin:

Add a can of coke and i’ll have a double, please.

Nice realistic render. i do feel that Blenditall’s edit enhances the image a great deal.

“Not perfect” ? … pretty perfect looking to me! Great render pal! Especially you being new to 3d, really good!