Bottle Render // Quote Please


(Oliver Rose) #1

Hi all!

Just after a few quotes for some modeling for a personal project.
The bottle is slightly more complex with heart veins running through. I don’t need 100% accuracy as I don’t have actual schematics. Just 90-95% is fine.

Here is the bottle
I’ll do texturing my end.

Budget and scope wise, its just a personal Job I’m hoping to fit this around the $50 mark. If your portfolio is incredible I would be open to other quotes.

Thank you,


(koji1100) #2

Sent you a PM - :slightly_smiling_face:

(egonator) #3

Can do it, price 70 USD. My portfolio:

(Cjradical) #4

Hello, I’m very interested in helping with your project. I will PM you.