bottle top >>> another wip by lil old me: UPDATE!

ok i took the 1 suggestions and made the top ever so slightly shinier and plus i blured the envmap a bit which make it look a little more “real” i’m pleased with the result and tempted to call it finished might do a bottle later but got loads of work to do so …

enough! here it is


ok yes i know i never finish anything> but never mind hay

which one do you like better?

i prefer the second one

Between the two? I’ll go for the second. However, I prefer the top on the first one…

this was mainly a modeling exersise so any critin that area would be greatly apreisated. i might do a bottle as well and try to learn to fake refraction.

Nice, but the second it my favorit ;))

bottom, the top is too dark

i know its nothing compared to a millenium falcon :expressionless: but all crits welcome!