I’m trying to render a realistic scene with a bottle floating in a stormy sea. I find it extremly difficult to get realistic waves, maybe someone has some cool methods of doing stormy waves?



(EDIT: Image removed to cut down bandwidth, see more pics below)

Looking good but a few things the bottle itself seems to far out of the water and the top of it is too wide and doesn’t fit in with the skinny neck of it so I would suggest you either make the top smaller or the neck bigger.

Made some changes, thanks Falconis.

mildred4all, I checked your web site but the waves/wakes are too small for a stormy sea. I found some 3D MAX tutorials at 3DLUVR, will see if they can be used in Blender!


(EDIT: Image removed to cut down bandwidth, see more pics below)

About the waves,

This may sound slightly odd, but try setting them up with a NURBS surface. You have the peak of the waves above the valleys (obviously), you give the peak of the waves varying weights, and if you play it right, you’ll only need a 1:1 map of CV’s to peaks and valleys (But you’ll need a high resolution).

We need to me able to “Map to” vertex weight… That would be awesome (High weight means high stress, for example, or in this particular case the heavy CV’s could have a couple’s nive bubble-like details.).

It’s about an animated seascape but very realistic and stormy.

Modified the sea texture. Tried to make the sea a bit more dramatic?!


stick a cork or what not ontop of that cause it would sink over wise :smiley:

Waves are a bitch up close. Try the NURBs method, and make the bottle sit a little lower in the water. Quite nice.

Maybe you should start by ditching the idea of a transparent clear bottle, and look to make the bottle some kind of color. Otherwise it’s just gonna blend right into the ocean.

A realistic ocean is not particularly specular; not at all. The ocean is a dirty place, and it’s usually covered with foam and spray. All of this foam and spray may need to be added as separate passes composited over the first; not created in one pass along with the water. The most specular thing out there is probably going to be the bottle.

The lighting is critical because you’ve got to separate that bottle from the ocean surface, and you need to clearly illuminate whatever’s inside of the bottle without drawing attention to the fact that you did so.

Make the water darker, and the bottle lower down,and is the botte casting a shadow, or is it me?

it is a bit hard to see the bottle for my liking…

Thanks for all replies!

Tried to darken the sea, and make the bottle less transparent. Messed around with textures on sea, but nothing came up real good. I’ll keep trying!


(EDIT: I noticed it was very dark on another monitor)