Bottled Ship

This is a project I started this morning. The render is after one or two hours of work. I would like some opinions on the materials as the glass is not perfect. I am also trying to figure out a setting in which I could put it so if you have any ideas. Feel free to share them. -Thanks-

Slowing work on this one as I am working on a Contest Entry. but please feel free to comment as I will probably get back to it after I am done.

It’s looking good, modelling is nice.
Crits: I think the water needs work and I am not too keen on the texture you have used - that is on the water, glass and table. Also, the wood might need bevelled edges - W, then Bevel. Apart from that, good work!

The marble is one of my best materials I achieved with only procedurals. I used a material library for the glass but added the ray transparency rather than just alpha. The water is to look more Clay like. Blue clay with white spots exactly. Will make the ship model a bit more “sloppy” like adding glue blobs and other as it is very small (its extremely close to the one sitting right in front of my screen.)

Thanks for the tips

for settings I imagine either a wooden work desk or a shelf.

Nice work ! Work a bit more on textures

Hmm…I like the shelf idea…Yea, a shelf in a captain’s cabin with other nautical instruments laying near…

Materials will continue being worked on (the ship doesnt have any textures, except the wood)

How did you get the sail up?
Seriously though some rigging would improve it.
Good work.


Nice bottle, nice ship. Let me see more clearly into the bottle. More detail of the “sea” in the bottom of the bottle will help push through the noise/reflection created by the surface of the glass.

Crop the shot. Unless you intend to put the bottle into a context that will share-the-limelight with the bottle itself, cut in close.

If you want to give the illusion that the bottle-stand is floating in the sea, then I think that’s a great idea… If not, then tone-down the specularity of the tabletop a little bit so that “the brightest thing in the shot” remains “the subject itself.” Experiment with cropping ideas that place the subject on “rule of thirds” lines rather than bulls-eye in the center.

There might be a little bit too much brightness coming in from the left-hand side down-low. In the studio I’d probably move that softbox, and I’d definitely inject some color into the various lights. The specular highlights that appear at the base of the bottle-neck work extremely well, mimicing a plausible arrangement of studio-lights in a real-world shot of this type. The rear of the bottle seems to be rather over-saturated with light, when all we really need back here is a “kiss” of illumination to bring out the rear edge of the bottle and to define the curvature of the sides of it. Pull back on the lighting a little and try to apply a little more subtlety. Use color. It’ll make what is already a very-good picture better.

Take full advantage of the fact that in CG you can confine a light to only certain layers, which means that if you want to illuminate the ship without worrying about light fall on the bottle, you can actually do that. You must be very sparing with this, because the effect could become unrealistic and you can’t have that, but it sure is handy sometimes. (In the studio we can approximate the effect by putting polarizing filters in front of certain lights, when dealing with glass. Sounds like you might be having an analogous situation here.)

Wow. Those are things I never though about. I am glad to have received comments and tips from a professional. I will certaintly not ignore those words. Thanks a lot!



ps, sorry I couldent resist that. I remember
doing a similar pic in imagen on my first comp
a while back.