Bottles-phials 2.0

This is a remake of one of my early works with unbiased rendering (made with Indigo one and a half years ago, a few months after I’ve started to work with 3d). A week ago I’ve been asked to rerender it in higher resolution, but this was too boring, so I adapted it for Lux and made some additions to the scene.

The image was rendered for three days straight on two quadcores @ 3GHz up to 15k SPP. Dispersion noise has taken the most time to clear off.

High res version:

Blender, Gimp (for textures) and LuxRender were used. No postprod except for slight color balancing and aperture diffraction with nodes.


Very realistic. Good work!

ooh, how i’d love to see your material settings

Thank you, B65ISP.

Biglines, what specific materials are you interested in?

Absolutely love the final render. Being an amateur photographer myself, I find the image simply inspiring.

Wow!!! Very realistic!

.blend file! .blend file! .blend file!!! :smiley: OR the material settings, your choice!

wood, blue glass, and the brown/orange thingies in one of the glass bottles :wink:

Hi guys. You’re too demanding. :smiley:

Wood, well, there is nothing fancy, just a glossy material with nice textures for albedo, IOR and bump. Here are (from left to right) windowsill planks, blue rough glass and raisins:


Thanks so much SATtva!

Out of curiousity, have you tried to render it using Yafaray? I’d be interested in knowing how it compares with LuxRender when producing realistic ray-traced renders. I’m new to Blender and I find the buttons and options in LuxRender a little overwhelming as compared to Yafaray but if the results are truly superior, I wouldn’t mind learning about it as well.

wow that is so insanely realistic!!

:eek: Five stars from me! I predict a spot on the banner. :yes:

tnx for the material settings, render times are still too long for me (slow pc), but luxrender looks very promising!

btw, how do you make things like that cloth? is it just modeled/sculpted or does it use physics?

Thank you, gregzaal. Longaly, that could be quite nice. :yes:

zanyman, I doubt you could get a close result with Yafaray, at least without much faking and postprocessing: it’s not spectral and it’s bounce depth is substantially lower than Lux’s (which will be most obvious with specular materials such as glass). Moreover (if my understanding is correct), it lacks some material models and properties, specifically it’s not possible to make a rough glass and depth-based (physical) absorption inside a specular media. I didn’t had much experience with Yaf since it’s former yafray incarnation, so some of my conclusions may be false.

Biglines, the cloth is made with cloth simulation (this is one of the best tools in Blender arsenal) and minor touches by hand.

Hmm, when someone rates the work as “terrible” (IIUC, (35+11)/4=4), I’d prefer to read a rationale. Please speak, my anonymous well-wisher. :wink:

Very nice work, 5 stars.

This looks fantastic. Completely photoreal but holycrap3daysrendertime?

NinthJake, and this is not that much as it seems. When you add a lot of transparent objects, dispersion, and volumetric effects, THAT becomes really long. :smiley:

Wow! Thats great! 5Stars from me!:slight_smile:

Sooo realistic!

woah, that is amazing! really looks real!

…I have to try those external render engines some day…do they work with 2.5 yet?