bOttybAll (WIP)

bOttybAll 0.1.7 ALPHA (Blender 2.49a)
This is just a small and simple WIP game, but it’s already playable and you can give it a try. In short: you control a little Soccerbot and your aim is to score as many points possible within a timescale of 2 minutes per game. More explanation is provided within the blend flie.

Download (1.45 Mb)


Any feedback (or maybe your best High Score? :cool:) is welcome, but remember bOttybAll is still an Alpha version and should not be taken too seriously.


It was pretty fun. HS was 22.
The movement was a bit annoying until I got used to it but even then the 2 scores I got were shear luck. Overall the game was great.
btw I can help you the fliping problem and the multiplayer if you want.

Fun, and slick- well done so far!

A couple things:
On slopes, the controls appear to be disabled? I found this slightly frustrating if I drifted up onto one, or was trying to catch up with the ball while it was rolling alone one, especially if the ball just rolls away while you slide down slowly.
The controls were possibly a bit driftier than they needed to be, though this is a small point and I wouldn’t change it much as the driftiness added challenge (also, I just made up two words!)

I think mouse controls would benefit this greatly- simple mouse rotation would be pretty sweet, but if the mouse could control the bumper, I think that would be even cooler. Maybe a combination, where the mouse controls the bumper, and when a button is held down (say, left mouse) the robot automatically faces the ball (locks on) and the mouse now moves the bumper in and out, and angles (or maybe slides) it left and right.

That said, I like what you’ve got going so far!

[edit] oh yeah, high score 43, after 4 games (and after that I suddenly couldn’t get better than like 12! Beginners luck, I guess)

once you download it… how do you play it? i mean like start it. do you have to render it?

nvm i figured it out

Thank you for your nice comments!

Pyro: If you want to help me with the sudden flip-over problem I’d be delighted since I’m not quite sure what exactly causes it. The multiplayer part I got documents for and I’ll work on that at a later stadium, but by the time I’m there and need help with it I’ll let you know.

Captain Oblivion: I’ll take a note of those words! Myself I tend to play most games with relative high sensitive mouse or keys, so yes I’ll look into making the rotation maybe a little less sensitive. A keyboard and mouse controller combination is something I’ve considered before and hmm, maybe I will again. The no-tracktion on the slopes determines a big part of strategy, which I think specially in future multiplayer versions will give more depth to the game. Though some traction over none I should consider.

But I make up this game as I go along, it’s one of my BGE play-gardens and neither I know where exactly it’s going…
btw. those High Scores are quite nice! :wink:


This is a really fun game already, with bots and multiplayer it can and will only get better. Nice work.
My highscore is 71

Small update (v0.1.2) which you can download in the first post. The Soccerbot rotation is quite less powerful which should make the bot easier to control.

Microwave: a 71 score is quite impressive already. :cool:

Horrible game… lol, joking!! Very very very well done game! I didn’t know what to do at first so I got 0 :/, but that’s because didn’t read the instuctions. The only crit I have have is that I don’t like how the camera shacks a lot :p, makes me a bit dizzy lol… But everything else is very cool! I liked it a lot! My highest score was 11 :o But that’s because I only played twice… lol, keep up the good work!

My first time I got 9, because the bot flipped upside-down and enter kept spinning him 360 instead of 180…
Good game though!

Pleased to hear you like it! :smiley:

Update (v0.1.3) again in first post. Using Return key to flip back manually should work better now.

Linkxgl: At some point there’ll be several camera views.

Thank you!
I got 44 first try with this one!
The flipping over works much better now.:yes:

Fixed the flipping problem with some ipo and logic brick. No python required !

Here is the new file !

Note: Press ‘F’ to flip back over

Update (v0.1.4) in first post.
Couple of improvements, like the flipping key now only works when you actually are on your back, also the time is visible in display.

pyro pulse: Thank you, I will look into it to see what exactly it is you’ve done there.

Lookin’ good keep up the good work

pyro pulse: As far as I can see, you’ve used another method to manually get the bot on its “feet”, but I don’t see how that fixes the sudden-flip/jump-over-bug (as if it collides with something). Or am I missing something?
Though while testing a couple of games with this version I did not have had the bug once, but then again it’s a bug which doesn’t occur very often so it’s hard to tell it’s not there anymore. Unless of course you’ve done something in the Logic Bricks I’ve missed…?


My fix was just adding 2 of the same rot ipo keys. and just playing it puts it back on its “feet”

Update (v0.1.6) in first post.
Main changes are: Better sound logics. Amount of goal points now also shows in the display when you score, and the goal itself gives visual feedback too. A bit of normal mapping on some textures.

pyro pulse: Roger that! :rolleyes:

Look great! Textures and lighting looks awesome!

btw, What would it be like to have the goal as a basket and a ball dropper in the middle of the arena and when you score the ball disappears and the a new one comes out. Maybe every once in awhile a gold ball comes out for more point

update (0.1.7) in first post

Changed the kicker system from an ipo driven animation to a rigid body with forces applied on it. Added a Powerup which will boost your kicking/pushing power for a period of time. Now the Soccerbot has traction on the slopes too, though not as much as in the field. More accurate point system 0.1 sec is worth 1 point. Various other small tweaks & stuff.

pyro pulse: Thanks! Yes, the game will have more elements like that some day… :spin:
A ball game without any golden/power/super ball is not complete!