Boujou -> Blender Importerscript

Is anybody here who can update (or who can help me to update) the Boujou Blender impoter?
The script is written for Blender 2.49 and because of the API changes the script doesn’t work anymore.
The script is made to read the Boujou exported .txt files.

Here is the code:

would be nice if anybody can help me to do this because i’m a complete python-noob :smiley:

The simplest solution may be to run it using 2.49, save the BLEND file with the new camera then open it up in 2.6 to append the camera into the scene.

I’ve done it this way all the time before but it’s not very productive and it costs time to do this.
I think it would be much better to import it directly into blender 2.6