boulder ( update pg2 )

getting ready to do another naturalistic scene.

Nice rock Modron.

Procedural shader I assume?


nope, just modelled and painted. i started off using procedurals, but i was getting aggravated because i was using multiple nor channels, and i was not keeping very good track of which way they were pointing, and my stencil channel was in the wrong place…and, well, it was all messed up. so i painted it. some photo texture is cloned onto there too.

Really good job on the texturing, looks just like a boulder.

ooooh, it’s a rock… nice work, and I like the texture, although the tex wouldn’t fit a forest scene.

naturalistic does not mean ‘forest’.


i was thinking probably igneous, maybe composite.

I reckon that fine rock would fit well into a salmon-swimming-upriver scene, with water rushing around it.

yeah i was thinking rushing water too. never tried it before though, so i’ll have to experiment with p.e.t. and particles. maybe some m-blur. i might set my turtle on top of it.

Shape is very nice indeed. Texturing could be improved tho. Colormap os kinda odd IMO. Normal / bumb map would add some realism. But nice work anyway.

Comments:Best rock i’ve ever seen :d
Crits: personally i’d add some a displacement or a normal mapp, to give the stone a more roughness, or i’d boost up the "shinnyness

You rock Modron.

thanks guys. quanturisc, you should check out some of @ndys rocks. he is the rock master.

you could make an asdroid feild

Ohhhh my… that was genious. :smiley:

Modron, I really like it but is it just me or does it seem a bit over-shiny on top?

imma go smoke some rock!

fooling around with disp maps…i don’t know why but it always seems to take me the better part of the day to get these thigs right. not sure which i prefer, but maybe the first one.
<edit> oh yeah and i removed the spec, sorry about that, i thought i’d turned it down originally, but i guess i was a bit shiny.

That’s really good Modron.