I have been working on a boulevard for a week now. I am looking for some advice on it, especially extra details that I should include. Right now, most of the main counterparts are done (such as the buildings and road) but it is lacking smaller details which would make it look realistic.

Overall I agree that you have the major structures complete! The scale of the scene is appreciable quickly with the depth and complexity, and I like your use of multiple and detailed shadows. Regarding details, to me the most important next step here is to add story. For example, are you planning on adding cars? If so, cars with a bit of motion blur would add some realism. However, if no cars, I would wonder why the boulevard in such an urban area is empty - perhaps it is early morning or late night? If so, you could change the scene lighting to reflect the time setting.

I can see you’ve also added textures, which is great! I would recommend adding more detailed/broken textures and small objects like trash and posters around. These would give some ‘life’ and add realism to the scene. Some variations in tree and building colours could also help. For the air conditioner system in the bottom left, I think more details could be added on the entrance of the air pipe into the building, as well as some control panels or bolts on the machine itself.

Great work and I look forward to the next render!

Thankyou very much with the feedback! I’ll be sure to try some of those ideas soon.