bounce like a soccer ball

I need physics setting to make a sphere bounce like a soccer ball

Its reaction towards collisions must be that of o soccer ball

Hmm. One “trick” could be to add a suitable force +z after the object collides with the surface?
Maybe could compare the velocity the object is hitting with and than add the force.

I couldn’t find a direct settings to get it to work like that bouncy way either.

thats about what you need?
Elasticity Settings in the Materialspanel is important for the bounciness of an object.
Important is that increase the value for both materials. The ball and the ground!


soccerball.blend (443 KB)

ndee thanks for the blend file it works and i saw the settings but when i set the elasticity the ball still doesnt bounce what othe setting did you change?

You need to set the elasticity on both materials.

Even a ping-pong ball will not bounce if your throw it at a piece of butter ;).

thanks guys hey is anyone interested im making a soccer game with me… Only four teams of 6 players. Random players