Bounce off walls?

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OK, Im trying to do my first game, and for some reason, I cant get my dynamic object to bounce of the walls. Example It is an ice hocky rink, I have the puck as the dyn obj, it slides just fine on the ice, but for some reason I cant get it to bounce of the walls. the ice and the walls are two different objects. For the puck I have the antripostic enabled and the friction for x,y,and z set to 0 , so it slides real good. Also have mass set very low, and both damps set to 0. Do I need to do somthing with the walls? I know this is a newbie question, and I have played with it before, and they would bounce just fine off walls, but for some reason I just cant figure out this on this game?

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This is just the beggining, alot to add still. it will be a simple game,…


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wow! i see someone had the same idea as me…well,i’m not going to finish the project anyway…got the same problems as you…good luck! :smiley:

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It had to do with my restitute values in the materials dynamic buttons. Heck now I realize it was right there in the GameBlender documentation I have in front of me. Damn NDNChief just read and dont be so lazy…

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Hehe, nice work ndchief. I love it when people ask for help right before figuring it out themselves. Looks like a really fun game, and I’m glad you solved your problem!