Bounce to Space!

Following to my last animation test, this is another work that started as a test, and ended up being something else, like a bunch of tests or something like that.

* Download .AVI here (8mb)
* Download OGM (2.6mb)

or just the easy way, youtube.

Behind the Wires!
Download: 41mb

The post in my blog:

hope you like it!

I watched this and the other test in the other thread. They are really entertaining albeit simple ideas. I like the sense of style in each one and to me this makes it transcend a “test.” animation. I also through the links on youtube saw your rig of Antonio and thought that was pretty cool as well.

Wow, that was very nice. I loved the way that moon (?) bubbled when the glob hit it. :wink:

Yea … that was awesome …

i love the sense of character you bring to that ball character :slight_smile:

Great! Love it, also love the credit roller too. Really nice post pro. Only thing I would add is the lack is that there is a lack of rebound when the ball hits the asteroid/moon. An exagerated squash or movement would sell this really well.

Love it though.

Nice mood! :slight_smile: I like it. No real crit-s from me.

Very nice !
Great animation and very smooth. It’s incredible how a very simple object looks so alive once it is so well animated.

i liked it but had a weird urge to say “beep beep”

WOW…thats even better than the others

I still cant get over your brilliant shaders/node-work. And of course, the animation is superb.


Your stuff is always good VenomGFX!! Love the shaders!

This was really really great and funny!!! (as usual :-))
Also Vivaldi music was just right.
Looking forward to next shorts.

loved it! Can’t wait til you do more lol. But when he’s rocketing up to space it looked at first glance like he was rocketing DOWN, maybe fix that?

Nice and simple, and it looks great ;):D.
Like the others have said, you did a great job in putting so much life into a simple character.

Oh, the blender logo/ dog? image in the sky was cool :cool:.

Nice animation this is the best animation test you did so far.Your getting better every time you do an animation(in my opinion).

Wow, that’s awesome! haha! Very funny and cute! Where do you do the music and sound effects, sir?

venom this is great! way to do a bouncing ball excersize :smiley:
textures, colors, lighting are all lovely, and I love your sense of rhythm / timing- in the editing and overall as well as the animation .
is there a new grosso in town?

Nice Movie. I just remember the Old Move Flubber.
Nice Coloring and bouncing.

Nearly everything is perfect, except the use of sound particularly at the canyon impact was slightly overdone IMO.