Bouncing Ball - Animation Tests

basically that, just a couple (2) of animation tests I used as an excuse to finally add an animation section to my site.

there are bouncing balls (had to start somewhere!)

no fancy materials, was just focused in the animation side, want to practice with something if I want to (someday) make something else than just stills images.

hope you like it!

I like the ball it looks cool.

really nice animation.:yes:

Let me just say, I freakin love all of your work. I just browsed your site again(its been while), and was once again reminded: Nobody can do cartoon like you. And with blender! The colors are all brilliant, the lighting perfect, and the post pro beautiful.

And I love these.

this is really a cute ball, nice work as usual. This is funny, i’ve maked a tutorial to make a bouncing ball few days ago : (however, this is un french)

thanks to all guys! =)

have something in mind already for a new animation, hope to have something to show soon

wow! haha! That’s fantastic! Who would have thought an anim as simple as a bouncing ball could turn out to be as great as that? I love the ball! Sooooo much! There’s some sort of membrane on him that isn’t jelly nor plastic. Yay! When he looks he shrinks, wow, just the right amount of cuteness! :smiley:

love it! So cute!

Very nice animation and AWSOME STYLE!

thanks all! :slight_smile:

In other forums and emails some people asked me about the composition side of this tests, so I decided to make a simple screenshot of the nodes setup. here:

This should be in the test forums.

Just kidding.:smiley:

I think I could watch a bouncing ball be crushed every morning on tv. The animation is very smooth and toony. The one thing that was out of order was when the thing fell on him and he plattened out whole. Like a pancake.

hehe actually this should be in the tests forums, i thought putting this thread here because is more like a little animation project overall, with the ball, I’m already working in a new animation i hope i can finish some of these days, is more bouncing and shape-keying.

great test i like the second test very much…

Cool and simple animations.

I love your style! I love watching simple characters moving/acting. Amazing website too! 5*