bouncing ball question

hey guys:
I’ve set up a bouncing ball by turning on “actor” and “dynamics”, then the ball starts to bounce in the engine, however, it bounces higher and higher after few minutes, I must miss something here, please help if you know.

You know that’s kind of weird. I tried that. I have a plane and then a sphere that’s set to actor and dynamic also. After a few minutes the ball stops bouning and just stays on the plane. Umm what are your settings? Did you set up sensors, controllers, and actuators?

Jason Lin

Yep known problem. Select the ground, go to the materials buttons and add a material to the ground and to another objects in the scene. That will fix the bouncing of the actor. :smiley:

yeah same as jd dude there nice goin jd you got here befor me

Cool, thanks.

oh man

check this out:

and tell me the physics work ver precise here :wink:

the kenetik enegery reduction looks sometimes like a chain reaction
speeding up objects insteat of slowing down!

do this scene in a cube is even better!



just did this cube things and i was close to pie into my pans:

after falling down the heads jump up and down a bit and than getting totaly wild and accelerated that the code even kicks heads as fast as bullets out of the cube! awesome!