Bouncing Ball Test

This my first bouncing ball test and I would like to get some constructive crits. Thanks!

Bouncing Ball Test (mov)

Well I would have to say you have that little animation down pat… I like how the board vibrates/recoils as the ball rolls off it. Perhaps for that extra challenge, make the ball sort of compress when it does hit the ground… or some how make the bouncing more softer.

Good job anyway!



I already have it compressing on the first two bounces (frames 9 and 23 - the motion blur makes it look like it doesn’t reach the floor but it does). I have in mind that the ball is a bit heavier than a rubber ball so, I didn’t want to squash/stretch too much.

yeah, limiting the squashing is probably a good idea, it tends to get overused a lot. After it hits the wall and starts rolling back it gets a little floaty, and i think MAYBE you might want to put one more little bounce in there.

i agree with the board animation, it looks nice.