Bouncing Ball

It starts off: THE bouncing ball. The one you learn about when first learning animation. I did this frame by frame in flash, no motion tween/path or whatever. Check it out!

Its just a funny little thing. Make sure you watch the whole thing.

One more thing: its supposed to play at 30FPS. If its going any slower, then its not supposed to!

LOL! That’s cool! I pressed the replay button for about twelve times! :smiley:
Very funny!

thas pretty good. i’m impressed.

ha… nice animation

Your balls have dropped! After being pierced by an arrow. :o :o :o

Nice animation, altough perhaps the balls should be a bit soft?


Is there a reason you didn’t use tweening? It’s so much more effective and faster.

Nice twist to the theme as well. :wink:

Wiggie: practicing traditional animation.