Bouncing Character? Why?

Everytime i´m trying to let my main character move in my game he starts to bounce like a rubber ball…and i dont know why.

Hi there I used to have your type of problem there are defferent ways to get that to stop I will explain some ways to do that :

well it also depends what version of blender your using
Way 1 :
But if you set your charecter to actor and then dynamic in some version it will bounce. To prevent that you can make it have a bounds

way 2 : { This is my way I do it for my charecters %| }
Well I select my charecter and in the motions I make it have a

dLoc 0.000 { next line } 0.000 { next line } 0.100

so now my charecter is going down and underneath him there is the ground or plane that has the properties as floor so now I set it so when charecter collisions with propertie floor it will go :

dLoc 0.000 { next line } 0.000 { next line } -0.100

making my charecter stay right on the floor and you can make him move ect…

My way may be look longer but it works nicely :slight_smile:

And there are other ways to prevent bouncing to but thoses I recomand they are easy when you get the hang of it

I have just made an example of how to prevent the bouncing you can downlaod the example .blend from here:

Just put a material on the floor surface that has a low restitution. Problem solved.

Toomai That works to but you obviously know that there is more then 1 way to prevent the bouncing :wink:

As putting a material on the floor will solve your problem, what does it matter if he knows another solution?

Well PlantPerson it dose not matter for me if you want to explain it anyway you dudes want it just that I have a friend that needed answers on blender so i gave him this site they said the same thing putting a material on the floor so he asked if they could explain it. some 1 else posted the same thing some got it but other dont know what you mean by putting a metarail on the floor so instead of cunfousing people more if they are lost already way not just exaplain it another way or show them other ways to prevent the bouncing thats my point :wink:


thanks Death, that helped, i got the problem fixed.

But i tried it this with the material, too, but that didnt fix it…but i got it right now, thanks to all…

No Problem :wink: