Bouncing character?!

I thought that it was fixed, but it turns out I had forgot to make the object and Actor again…
Anyway, my problem is that when I start the game, my character just keeps bouncing and bouncing, and I can’t control him. The bouncing keeps going and going and going and etc.
Here’s the blend. file:


all’s wrong in your scene?!
Please, read as many tuts as you can and start humbly
First, the engine takes 10? seconds before start…bad sign
Of course, too many polys in your character; try to fit inside 1000 or even less
You should assign a material to ALL the objects
The “ACTOR” should be the Armature not the character mesh
Your armature is a bit weird, can work maybe, but some unnecessary bones ( shoulders)?
Now, you can ignore all this, and just do as you wish

i found the problem

unparent the camera from the guy
get rid of the camera logic bricks that are on the character;) only put the camera actuator on the cam. ( wow thats kinda confusing)