Bouncing packs

Hi! Here is a little gif I made, based on a pack shot found on behance. Any feedback would be welcome!

Some views of the wire:

The two render passes:

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thats nice actually,
i think it would be more great if you add some nice lighting style, other than this cold one
but its amazing

Thanks for your feedback! Which kind of “nice lighting style” do you think about?

I thought maybe just a tiny bit of elastic movement on the top half,
and then recoil as the top half snaps into the lower parts?
Plus this might not be what you are going for but another thing I thought of was to try and perhaps make the bottles almost subliminally like a graceful and fat lady, like when the fat one lands it knocks something clumsily etc. but to add extra character it might need an action line arc in the jump and some barely noticeable jiggle, which again might not be what you want to do :smiley:
As it is the fat one right now is just a little to slow for same gravity.

Well, you certainly caught my eye and gave me a chuckle, even before I clicked on this thread in the main forum menu! :slight_smile:

So, where might we go with this absurdity? How about a bunch of objects on a supermarket shelf, all vying – Toy Story style – for the customer’s attention? And they’re all doing these silly dance-gags, slapstick stuff.

(Hey, you never know. You just might have hit on the next Disney® blockbuster. I actually see a lot of potential in this “silly idea.” But what to call it? “Grocery Store Story?”)

I tried a new stronger lighting, but it look more like a window than a studio pack shot:

@sundialsvc4 I like your idea of a market where anthropomorphized products try to attract the client. But to make a massive use of the slicing effect I would need to solve a problem. I make the slices using the bool modifier with a simple box, but since I use a smooth shading on the cylindrical objects, the cutting edge become rounded:

instead of:

For this simple scene I manually split the objects like so:


But I would need a cleaner solution if I want to apply this to many objects.