Bouncing problem

Hi everyone!

I’m having a weird problem in the development of my game. Basically, it’s a little game, you can control a plane which will react with a physics-controlled ball. However, when the plane enters in contact with the ball, the ball just bounces like we had applied on it thousands of Newtons.

I don’t know how to explain the problem better, so I just uploaded the small project there
(controls: arrows key and the number keypad 4 8 6 2)

I tryed to add some weight to the ball without success. I really don’t know how to deal with this problem :confused:


Add a material to the ball and the plane.

even more specifically, add a material to both objects and then click in the “dyn” tab in the material shader properties (next to RGBA) then drag the “rest” slider all the way up. this sets the “bounciness” for the object

I see… I was trying to tweak the physics in the logic panels. Modifying physical properties in the material tab seems so… weird.

However, draging the “rest” slider all the way up adds even more elasticity: the ball keeps bouncing forever on the ground. Putting it to 0 doesn’t change the problem either. The ball still bounces like mad when entering in contact with the plane. What am I doing wrong?