Bouncing Rubber balls in a corner

They Bounce! but not all…!

This is my entry to the Animation Contest #19

Its primarily an animation as its mostly a test working with the Particle system and Deflection meshes. I worked with the set of numbers until my brain oozed out of my ears and i was happy with the physics

comments would be nice on how to improve the physics

I wont be improving this one rather making a new one.
By the way, the sound in the vid is homemade. I must say its pretty hard catching the sound of a ball bouncing on a wall with a mic…((you can probably imagine me trowing balls around my pc with a mic in my other hand :stuck_out_tongue: )
Ourmedia: 750frames 320*240 25fps 30s…avi

First post! :smiley: Hopefully the first in a long line of many…

Anyway, to stay on topic, good work with the animation. Judging from the clip that you posted, I didn’t notice anything wrong with the physics at all. Very nice!

The sound seemed a bit weird though, but maybe it’s just me. I guess the sound you used doesn’t match with the sound I’d normally expect of a ball bouncing off of a wall. Of course, it’s pretty good considering how hard I imagine it must have been to record.

Overall though, excellent work. You know, depending on how hard this was (I wouldn’t be the best judge of that seeing as how I’m still fairly new to Blender and I don’t have any animation experience), this is the kind of thing that could make a great tutorial.

Thanks and a very nice first post indeed.

This animation was an entry for an animation challenge (see weekend challenge section)

The focus of this one is the animation. The physic with the particle is what i worked a few hours on. Cause getting it to look like gravity is there is just very darn hard lol.

The sound feels odd as its not timed to the impact of the balls. Timing 300 bounces for a 30 second animation might be considered crazy lol.