Bouncy clothes for the game engine.

Does anyone know of a way to rig/setup a character such that you define some vertex groups with weights on a low poly game model (like a skirt, ears, puffy sleeves, a scarf, hair, a tie etc.) and then have them automatically bounce around with varied intensity like a cloth simulation whenever the character moves?

Preferably without splitting them into different objects.

I was able to make a simple skirt that bounced around when the character ran (wouldn’t collide with the character though), but it had to be a separate object - which I did not like since I’d rather have all of my character as a single mesh, and if I make like a bunny I’d like the ears to be automatically flying around while attached to the head.

also, for the sake of this exercise I’d rather not use bones for the bouncy bits, since I’d like to keep the bone count to a minimum.