Boundary aligned remesh

No, its not broken, make sure your model is open, This addon only works for models with boundary not solid meshes.
Seems like I forgot to trow a warning message instead if allowing a error exception :sweat_smile:.

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That did the trick, was trying to use it on a solid one. The error had always made me think it was partially not working at times. Thanks for clearing that up.

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It does seem broken to me @Jeacom, it gives me this error when enabling it in the latest 2.80 build. Anything I can do myself?

edit: info: W7 x64, blender-2.80-388ff003e28b-win64

Darkfibre is right, I get the same error as well.

Humm It might be some new build’s problem.

Its fixed now.

Seems like they renamed VIEW3D_MT_object_specials to VIEW3D_MT_object_context_menu (6.8 KB)


Hi Jeacom,

super fast fix, many thanks.


Yep it works now. Thanks for the quick fix!

I need to try it.


Good_Omens_Title_Card I was looking for and addon to allow me create this kind of letter that are often used on movie titles. I still will face a lot of manual work, but without this addon the work would be bigger, a lot bigger.

hi @Jeacom … don’t working on last blender update, have you some plan to update this fantastic addon?

another thing, is very hard to implement “keep boundary vertex number” option? (no change curve/edge boundary segments\vertex count and position)

thank you very much

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I tested and its working fine on the latest blender, I updated the addon also, make sure you have the latest version.
and sorry, I couldn’t manage to lock the borders, if the boundary is not subdivided the internal edges next to it go crazy and never stop subdividing to compensate until the RAM runs out or the CPU blow up, whatever comes first :sweat_smile:

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Love this add-on. Has the Github repository been updated with the latest version?

yes, it has been updated.


Edit: Oops, I posted in the wrong thread.
moving ths reply to: Tesselator Quad-Remesher.


Currently playing with Boundaty Aligned Remesh. :heart: it. Thanks for developing and sharing.

What do the Iterations contribute to the final result? A (much) higher value doesn’t seem to yield a visibly better topology compared to a low Iterations value.

yes, I think its because once its reached a local minimum, around 60 iterations it is already very dense and doesn’t have much room to change.

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Hi @Jeacom,

I’m using Boundary Aligned Remesh to remesh closed curves, then Shrinkwrap them onto another mesh and finally Solidify the result.

But I noticed that the face structure (at least of the triangular polygon structure) is non-manifold here and there, containing double / mangled faces.

I’ve created a little screenshot compilation:

I tried a very high Iterations value, but that didn’t fix it.

Right now I need to manually correct the mangled polygons. It’d be great if you could find a fix for this.


did it happened once or every time you try it on this model?

Every time.