Boundary aligned remesh

Where can I find the latest version? Click on the github it said 17 months ago.

I tried it in Blender 2.83. And I had to wait a second of three before it showed up in the preferences.
I’ve seen also a status message (status bar) that module is loaded. What do you see there?
And what do you see in the system console? (Window > Toggle System console, at the bottom).

To download the .py file, I opened the raw view in Chrome, and then save as a .py file.
Once ok, I find the addon in Object mode and a right click on object (text works well). I set the edge length for text around 0.034

I just tried that 17 month old version and works fine in 2.83

yeah, it seems like an weird bug it muat at least print a mesaage to the console.

I have run Blender an administrator.
It’s ok!

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Thanks for this add-on.
I was looking for a way to remesh a mesh extracted from a sculpted high poly model.

There seemed to be room for improvement, so I updated it for the purpose of learning programming.
I changed it quite a bit, so I divided the details into another thread.


Woah, thats nice, good work!

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