Boundary help

Hi brains trust,
I have a playing field with an invisible boundary ringing it. My NPC’s are hopping about but I want them to swerve when they near a wall rather than simply bang up against them. I have tried to assign a property to the boundary but they ignore it. If I make a cube with the same property, they avoid it. Could it be that it’s…

a) One sided
b) a single mesh that loops the entire field making the NPC’s contained within it’s bounding box (It has no roof or floor btw)
or c) something else?

Thanks for any advice.

Glenn Melenhorst

it is very likely that your outer boundary IS encapsuling your playing field within its single physical bounds… Kinda like trapping your playing field in amber, except, that’s only confusing to the GE brain.
Consider breaking your outer boundary into sections (use the “Separate” function of the Mesh options in edit mode) and then parenting them back together (then clearing the parent “Inverse”)as a Complex Object (search the term, if you make physics based games, you wanna know ALL ABOUT the limits and tricks of making physics objects…) Remember to mark the Parent object’s physics bounds type as “Complex”, and keep all the boundaries in the complex object the same bounds type. There’s more to it, ,but those are SOME hints to get you jump-started on the process.

By creating a Complex physical object you can keep the physics cohesive outside the box, while allowing physics INSIDE the box as well.

Hope that helps.

Hmmm, I use this in my game and it works perfectly? So I have never had to figure it out.

Make sure the real wall is not an actor and set the boundry as an actor ghost so it will registar a collision.

And be sure you have all the faces on the boundry set to collision too. I did a fast test on mine and swapped the normals to the inside and it didnt matter at all.

I have the boundry with just opaque, invisible and collision selected.

Hope that helps, if not pm a link to the file and I will try to help further.

Ripper. I’ll look into it.
Thanks for your time.