Bounding Box Centre?

I’m trying to follow this guys tutorial. He has a hole in the top of the sphere. He selects the edges of the hole, and then he somehow is able to extrude it so that the hole (circle) gets gradually smaller.

Whenever I try to extrude it can only go up or down but not make the hole smaller.

(He might me using “bounding box centre” for this but when I try doing that, it doesn’t have any effect.)

I’m using blender 2.5.


Could it be that the cursor is moved to selection, and then he is scaling to cursor?

If I understood your question right: You can press E to extrude, then ESC, and S, to scale inside. It used to be a somewhat crude method to “inset” the faces.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Edit: Would help if you provided a link to the tutor - so we’d know exactly what you wanted to do.

Thanks guys.

makr: yes I was able to use the “crude method”.

Hey, I just mentioned that it was a “crude method” for making an inset. (The problem is a lot more apparent with irregularly-shaped objects.) Nowadays, of course, you have the inset script, not to mention the solidify script (and in B2.50, the solidify modifier) to do it a lot better.

Have fun :slight_smile: